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10 Dining Room Decorating Ideas

The dining room has endured through a difficult few decades. In some ways, the dining room is a relic of the past. The formality a dining room is fast giving way to other more informal and laid-back spaces. Nowadays, the dining room is fast being supplanted in function by other more multifunctional spaces such as the kitchen or the family room as family life began to revolve less around dinner and more around smart phones and long working hours. Families are increasingly spending time eating at a large kitchen table or having gatherings in the family room, especially in homes where space is more limited (for example, a punggol hdb).

However, it doesn’t have to be so. The dining room does not have to be only a space for big meals like family dinners. The dining room can essentially serve the same function as the living room or the family room – as a space to linger and gather with great company, as long as you balance it in a mix of formality and informality. Thus, an inviting and welcoming dining room will be a boon for family and guests: not just a cozy and formal space to share time eating delicious meals and tasty snacks but also a space that can be used much more in the day-to-day informalities of modern life.


Read on for 10 decorating ideas that can suit any type of décor style.

1. Decide on your color palette

Before you start decorating, think of what colors you want to use in your dining room. This can help you out tremendously when it comes time to select furniture and décor pieces. Neutral tones, such as white, or beige are good ideas if you want to keep your space as flexible as possible. Darker earthy tones, on the other hand, can give your space a cozier vibe.

2. Highlight architectural details

Traditionally, the dining room is usually home to a flurry of architectural details. If you have a new home, the dining is a perfect place to incorporate more traditional architectural elements, like beautiful moldings, brick walls, wooden paneling or even ceiling beams. These features add a touch of visual interest to an otherwise bare space. Consider painting these details a crisp white to make them stand out. White-on-white is also a good color combination to bring out these architectural details yet keep the space as bright and carefree as possible.

3. Set a lovely center piece

Consider adding a lovely center piece to dress up the bareness of your dining room table. The design and type of center piece you choose may vary depending on the vibe you’re going for. If your dining room skews towards a more modern style, a simple center piece such as a ceramic sculpture or a simple vase with flowers is a perfect choice. Fruits, candles, beautiful jars or bowls are also good choices as well that can add beauty and finesse to your dining room.

4. Create an intimate atmosphere

If an intimate atmosphere is the vibe you’re going for, you can incorporate furniture pieces with plush seating, moody tones in color and dimmer lighting to create a dining space that is not only more cozy but more comfortable as well.

5. Get unique furniture pieces

Depending on the look you’re going for, ‘unique’ furniture may mean different things. For a more traditional dining room, this could mean one-of-a-kind pieces like antique sideboards, huntboards or sugar chests. If you’re going for a more shabby-chic vibe, then it would mean mixing your furniture pieces around, such as using mix-matching chairs ala Monica’s apartment in Friends.

6. Add lighting fixtures

Playing around with the lighting is a great way of changing up the ambience of your space. Mix around cold and warm lighting to drench you space in a cozy ambience. Don’t just stick to general lighting like a chandelier. Wall sconces and candles are great ancillary lighting ideas that can add towards the warmness of your space.

7. Display some items

A hutch is a great furniture piece that can be used to display some of your more beautiful china and crockery. You can use this idea to tie in your dining room’s colors or even use it to add color to your space. For example, if you have a space that is more dominantly blue and white, you can add red-themed china for display to bring in a secondary color.

8. Add some greens

Whatever the décor style you choose, some greenery in your dining room is sure to literally bring in a breath of fresh air. You can place them on side-tables or on sideboards, or even use them as center pieces. This can help bring a touch of the outdoors indoors. Orchids are a resilient choice that can hold out if you ever forget to water it, as they don’t need much water.

9. Use wall décor

Wall décor can make amazing statements. You can hang up a variety of artsy pieces, such as wall sculptures, paintings and others that bring more visual interest to your dining room. You can even wallpaper your walls as a form of décor. A beautiful chinoiserie print, for example, is a trendy idea that brings together eastern and western elements.

10. Decorate based on your lifestyle

All in all, this would be the most useful decorating idea. Your dining room, and by extension your whole space, should be a reflection of your own lifestyle and personality. This is perhaps the best way to successfully give your space that lived-in feel that every homeowner yearns for. Decorate your space based on how you use it.

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